Clarks Bars Slot Machine will lead you to one of the friendliest bars in San Antonio

Welcome to
The Safe House Drinkery

As Cosmopolitan As S.A. Gets
We all like to feel sophisticated sometimes...but all that sophistication can be hard on your pocketbook! What you need is a neighborhood bar that you can take that hot date to, without feeling embarassed. In that case, the Safe House Drinkery is your best bet! We always have great drink specials, a friendly staff, and a cool atmosphere. Leave an impression on that hot date, not your wallet... head to the Safe House Drinkery!

Meet Our Bartenders
Go "Behind The Bar" and get to know your Clarkbars bartenders! Hey, they're not just the people who serve you drinks... they're people too!

Meet Our Bartenders

Game On
What would your favorite watering hole be (even an online one) without a Gaming Area? Not worthy of the name Clarkbars... that's for sure! Play darts, pool, Golden Tee, or Video Crack; there is always someone who needs a partner!

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